Break Bread with Friends and Family

There’s only one gift that truly keeps on giving. Time. Unfortunately, especially during the holidays, it always seems to be fleeting. That’s why, at United States Stove Company, we are all about doing whatever we can to help you capture more time with the ones you love the most. Enter holiday grilling. It doesn’t sound as crazy as you think. Let us explain.


We are a family-owned company with our heart and soul firmly rooted at the foot of a mountain in rural South Pittsburg, Tennessee. It’s where for the better part of 150 years we’ve been working hard to keep America warm and cozy. We make the stoves, furnaces, heaters and fire pits that keep your home fires burning. It only makes perfect sense that a company who has surpassed the test of time would bring you a collection of superior grills. Grills that when utilized for holiday dishes save you precious time. Time best spent with family and friends.


We believe anytime is a good time for mouth-watering, wood smoked flavor. Treat your USSC Grill like you would a traditional convection oven. You’ll free up much needed kitchen space and save more precious time. So fire up the grill. Stoke the furnace. Gather the family and get busy keeping your treasured traditions. And while you’re at it, enjoy a few of our favorite holiday recipes from our grill to yours.


Please enjoy this free downloadable recipe e-book. USSC Grills Cook Book 2019