What is a Wood Pellet Grill?

What is a Wood Pellet Grill?

If you’ve found this article, you probably enjoy grilling but haven’t hit BBQ pitmaster status just yet. You love the flavor of meats smoked over a wood fire, but you’re looking for a more effective, less mess, time-saving solution. The answer? Wood Pellet Grills.

So what is a wood pellet grill? This type of grill burns wood pellets, which are small pieces of hardwood about the size and shape of a long pill. Because of their small size, these pellets burn cleanly and quickly burn to ash.

Wood pellets are fed into the burning mechanism of a pellet grill at a controlled pace that’s dependent on your target temperature. This automation makes the process seamless. You fire up the grill, give it 20 to 30 minutes to get up to temperature (in most cases), and you’re ready to go!

That means it’s just as convenient as a gas grill, but you’ll be infusing your foods with all the flavor that wood has to offer.

Wood Pellet Grills Offer Versatility
Even with that ease of use, wood pellet grills can be used for a wide range of cooking methods. You can use your wood pellet grill to grill, roast, and sear your choice of meats and vegetables. USSC Grills can reach a temperature of up to and even exceeding 500 degrees. And if you like smoking your favorite fish and meat, the USSC Grills also has a smoke option. Simply switch to the smoke setting and choose your preferred low temperature.

All that varies in your preparation for those different types of cooking — and their respective temperatures — is how long you’ll need to wait to reach the appropriate temp.

And those wood pellets that are infusing your meat with an extra dose of flavor? You can choose pellets in a variety of “flavors,” including apple, cherry, and hickory! The flavors from our pellets will infuse into whatever you throw on the grill, creating mouth-watering meals your friends will be envious of.

Wood Pellet Grills Are Easy to Clean
If you’ve operated a charcoal grill or had to clean up after you’ve used firewood to barbecue, you are probably quite familiar with the cleanup process. A wood pellet grill simplifies it.

Because of the way that wood pellets are made, they burn cleanly, leaving behind only a small amount of ash. You may wonder, “Are wood pellet grills healthy for cooking?” Well, here’s your answer! Unlike heating pellets, cooking pellets are specially made for grilling and smoking food to add that mouth-watering flavor you will love.

All that said, your basic cleanup is limited to cleaning up the grill grate after each use and emptying the drip bucket on an as-needed basis. This will remove any substances that were spilled during the cooking process. You’ll also need to vacuum out the ash every two to three cooking sessions, but that’s it for routine cleaning!

An in-depth deep-clean two or three times a year will be the only other thing your grill needs to keep it in tip-top shape.

Still thinking about investing in that wood pellet grill? What are you waiting for? Check out our wood pellet grills, then contact us to get started!